Monday, July 23, 2012

$137: salt (the grain thereof)

This past week, we spent $58 on groceries.  If you pretend that the previous  'grocery vacation' week doesn't count (and I do pretend that), then that brings the 20-week grocery average to $137/week.  Again, that '20' (referring to weeks) doesn't count last week.

Spending this week -- which does count again -- consisted of a $7 trip on my part to market (dairy and mushrooms).  It included a $6 trip on my husband's part for ice cream (now all gone), and another $45 trip again by the husband to the grocery store for hamburger buns, more fake bread, and other such items.  This begs the question, what on earth have we been eating?  I mean, aside from ice cream.
C-son is serving up dinner.  Pasta with pesto.  Sauce with lentils.
J-son is serving up a face.
Well, in some small part we have been trying to deplete the stores of food we already have.  Above is C-son, proud of the dinner he cooked:  spaghetti, pesto, and tomato sauce with lentils.  All from the larder of bulk-purchased or pre-frozen CSA foods.  (While C-son makes his own dinner, J-son is making his own face, of course.)  Earlier in the week, J-son made stroganoff with the mushrooms and some bulk-purchased beef.  I experimented with so-so sweet-and-sour soy beans.  It is good to be able to scan the shelves and find dinner waiting, or nearly so.

But the salt needs to have grains taken thereof.  That is, my husband has been feeding the boys restaurant meals on several occasions.  The restaurant meals don't make it into the grocery total.  Cheating.

Also, C-son has lost 9 pounds this past month.  He was skinny even before he lost the weight.  His physician isn't worried, but his mother is.  And probably part of the reason is the unfamiliar, uber-healthy meals we've been having.  So, more recently,  I've started trying to alter the menu to add fat and salt:  omelettes.  hamburgers.  fried potatoes.  Put the pounds back on that boy.

And yet, although C-son has been complaining about vegetables, and although he recently brought up the topic of his eventual adoption party -- and when I asked him what foods he wanted, his first response was a grinned "no vegetables" -- in spite of all that, last night at our hamburger dinner he had thirds on cucumbers, and seconds on green beans, and he asked if in the future we could serve that yellow vegetable again (summer squash), and although he passed up a second hamburger, he finished off the cherry tomatoes.

On the other hand . . . $137/week.  As fake as that number is, 137 is a beautiful number.  Prime, for one thing.  And a pythagorean hypotenuse, for another:  if you walked 88 yards due north, and another 105 yards due east, you'd be 137 yards from where you started, providing you could fly with the crow.

The crow.  Just don't eat it.

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