Monday, July 16, 2012

$?? -- grocery vacation

This past week was an odd grocery week.  With just two adults in the home, both of us in "let's celebrate the marriage" mode, we didn't do much grocery shopping.   Yogurt?  Bananas?  I think we spent less than $10 on traditional groceries.  But we didn't keep track.

We also ate at a bunch of restaurants.  Plan A was to go to an uber-fancy place recommended by a friend, but when we showed up we discovered it was noisy-chic, not intimate-chic, so we left and went to our favorite sushi place.  That was followed another evening by a local diner, and preceded by a dinner at our favorite sandwich place.  So our restaurant-hopping wasn't as expensive as I'd planned it to be.

But again, I didn't really keep tabs on the total.  Shocking.  Inappropriate.  Call it what you will.  A vacation from the kids, but also a vacation from receipt-gathering.  I figure, once a year, that's okay?

Coming up tomorrow:  Cell phones for teenagers. Yoicks!

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