Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tour of the kitchen counters

 A while back, I wrote about a book called "Snoop", which describes how much you can learn about a person by looking at that person's home.   An early weekday tour of my kitchen counter: does this say a lot about the kind of eater I've become? 

The tour begins with soy beans (purchased from Miller's Amish organic market), soaking overnight.

Nearby is the More-with-Less Cookbook, which I've been browsing through.  I figured I'd try the "Sweet and Sour Beans" recipe.  (Later that night, I discovered I wasn't really all that impressed by the recipe.  But C-son asked for a second helping; "a big one, please."  Limited success).

Traveling along the counter, we find the peaches from my very own peach tree.    They're delicious!  
I have outside confirmation of the deliciousness, by the way; we're grudging partners in the peach collecting business with our local squirrels.

Further along the counter, there's a collection of what we don't eat:  the compost bin, plus some random rinsed-out plastic bags, drying out before I stash them back in the drawer.
Oooh, and then there are tomatoes.  Not from my own garden (those are still green), but from the CSA. We had an awesome peach/tomato/basil salad for dinner.

No! don't look below!
Darn, you looked.  That's the trail mix I made up.  Processed food.  In my defense (or as my own rationalization/excuses), I'll point out that this was left over from the 9-hour car trip, and it kept us from stopping at fast food restaurants.

And we end at a plate of coriander seeds, culled from my cilantro plants (thanks to my friend June for letting me know what was happening when my cilantro started flowering).  These are drying out.  When they're all brown, I'll grind them up and use the spice to make . . . um, whatever it is people use coriander for.  Perhaps curry?  I'm still figuring that one out.

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