Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food thoughts

Some random ways that food passes through our home . . .

. . . in books.  I've been reading Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and loving it.  It's the kind of book that makes me feel (and I mean this in the most uplifting sense possible) terribly guilty about the way I eat.  In that sense, it reminds me of the More with Less Cookbook.  Longacre wrote in that latter book something like, "if you tell people that they're consuming the world's resources, they'll say, they don't want to hear it; they don't want to feel guilty.  But what if they ARE guilty?"  As for me, I'm guilty as charged.  Kingsolver is pushing me more and more to fill up the home with locally produced, in-season foods.  Repent and sin no more.

The map to Miller's Grocery.
. . . from local markets.  Lancaster Pennsylvania is nearly Eden when it comes to locally grown food.  Our downtown market (the longest continuously operated indoor farmer's market) has fresh, local produce at prices that often beat grocery store prices, and and that almost always beat supermarket taste and freshness. Two weeks ago, when I was moaning about quick oats taking over all the grocery store space from my real, rolled oats, my husband offered to drive me out to Miller's.  It's an Amish-owned market that sells bulk, organic, locally grown produce.  And I feel like a complete doofus for having lived in Lancaster almost 20 years without having been there.  We bought 50 pounds of flour, 20 pounds of oats, plus cheese, nuts, raisins, other dried fruit . . . we dropped about $200.  All cash, no credit cards, of course.

. . . from grocery stores.  Because even though My Guy loves me enough to go to Central Market or on a Miller's date with me, he still loves our modern world in all its synthetic glory.  My sons have been happily wolfing down his gifts of the artificial food in plastic containers . . . Ding dongs.  Pudding packs.  Ramen noodles.  This is part of my home, too, and none of the Y-chromosome people in my household shudder at it.

. . . from our shelves.  I love pulling together a meal from existing resources.  Last week, my Guy had a hankering for pork, so he went and bought pork, probably from the corporate-industrial complex, but that's really beside the point.   The point is that we've had lots of left-overs.  And last night's dinner mixed together assorted refrigerated items:  Garlic.  the Pork.  Carrots and Cheese from Miller's.  a Turnip from our December take-home of the CSA, still hanging on but losing the battle.  Canned Tomato sauce.  a dollop of Ranch Dressing from some restaurant.  Oregano from my sister's garden.  Basil from our window sill plant. And from the cupboard, lots and lots of spaghetti.   Each of the boys had thirds -- or was it fourths?  This sauce was a little bit of everything from my life . . . this dinner really lived up to the motto, you are what you eat.

Spaghetti a-la-what-exists, with apple-oatmeal muffins.


  1. Rah! Rah! That's all I've got, but I love this!

  2. I have to say, I loved that book and I CANT BELIEVE you've never been to Millers. I should have told you about it years ago. We've been shopping there for ages. If you drink raw milk, and are heading to Millers, if you continue down the road past the store for just a little bit, there's a farm there that sells it for very reasonable prices. I'm so glad you discovered it!