Thursday, February 9, 2012

5-minute zipper fix

J-son came home last night with his backpack gaping open.  All the stuff he has crammed in there was just too much for the zipper, which lost its grip.  This gave me a chance to perform one of my favorite tricks from the Tightwad Gazette: the 5-minute zipper fix.  Here's how it goes:

1.  Start at the bottom of where the backpack zips up.  (Sorry it's so hard to see these pictures; J-son prefers the all-black backpacks over the pink sparkly ones).

2.  Make a small snip in the side of the zipper that doesn't have zipper pull on it.

3.  Restart the zipper.

4.  Distract your son from asking, "is it done yet? Is it done yet?" by letting him take pictures of the dog.  (This step is optional).

5.  Secure the base of the zipper by stitching some thread around it a few times.


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