Sunday, September 30, 2018

Miser family update: thank a medical professional version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family household.  We've had trips to the theater, trips to visit family, and visits with doctors --- lots and lots of doctor visits this week, in fact.

Why so many doctor visits?  Some of these were routine/background.  N-son is gearing up for the orientation/evaluation that his new school provides, and in preparation for that, they require a really comprehensive medical and mental background exam.  So, at their request and on their dime, he spent three mornings speaking with doctors and therapists this week.  I have to say, I'm increasingly impressed with our Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. 

Meanwhile, my husband got a shot in the arm, or rather, a shot of cortisone in the shoulder. He hasn't gotten his knee surgery yet --- they'll stitch up the torn ligaments in his knee in about two weeks from now, and he's starting to count down the days. 

As for me, I'd started getting a bit freaked by a long-lasting sore throat and a semi-painful bump on my stomach. My standard habit when I start to worry about things like this is to write them in my calendar two weeks out, realize two weeks later that my concerns had gone away naturally, and then sigh with relief. This time, two weeks passed and both problems persisted, so I hauled myself off to my doctor, who sent me to an ENT and for a sonogram.  My ENT says my ears look good, my nostrils are PERFECT (who knew you could have perfect nostrils?), and my throat looks like a throat. And the sonogram folks didn't discover buried treasure or my long-lost car keys or anything else particularly scary down there; they say the bump is just my lipoma [a fatty bump].  I'll get that removed eventually, but for now I can breathe a little more easily.

So I'd just like to pause for a moment of gratitude to modern medicine.  A little more than a century ago, my great grandfather died of an ear infection.  A little more than a decade ago, my husband survived breaking his neck in three places.  The contrast between then and now continues to amaze me . . .  (gratitude, gratitude, gratitude) . . .

Also this week, I-daughter turned the tables on me:  she took me to the theater instead of the other way around.  We saw a really wonderful, rousing production of Titanic: the Broadway Musical.  It had a cast of 60 or 80 people, who sang together to knock my socks off.  They never once sang that horrible insipid song about hearts.  I got to do my standard feminist rant about the show's marginalization of women and people of color (because, I feel compelled), and I-daughter got to nod her head at me as usual.   All in all, a great show!

And J-son turned 20 this week.  He continues to thrive in his sports therapy classes -- he tells me he got all A's this first quarter.  And --- for the first time in his life --- he's doing his homework unprompted.  Like, he comes home and he actually wants to keep working on this stuff.  I'm so happy that he seems to have really found his passion. 

As I write this, my husband and N-son have taken off for the weekend to visit L-daughter and her husband and dogs.  They're watching football games together (my husband says the couch looks like person-dog-person-dog-person).

So, that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy (and mostly healthy) in our adventures.  May you and yours be similarly prosperous.

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