Saturday, September 22, 2018

Miser Family update, periodic pirate version

Who's that in the distance?
  So, I don't understand how, when I ask other people, "What's new with you?", they can say, "Oh, not much."    And they actually really mean it. 

Because life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family household, and new, exciting stuff continues to pour into our hours and into our days and into our weeks.   Oh, my.

Early in the week, my husband returned from London, where he'd been with a bunch of other chemists and historians of chemistry, preparing for the upcoming anniversary of something that Mendeleev did about a century ago.  (Or maybe 150-ish years ago, since I just checked and he died in 1907?)   Anyway, London had had my husband, and now it doesn't.

That's N-son and Prewash!  Running up the street to greet me
on my way home from work.  How sweet!
I spent a bunch of time early in the week procrastinating on preparing classes so that I could pound through the index to my book.  In some sense, total success!  The index is done!  I'm so psyched about working on this thing, and I'm all a-dither to be at the point where I'm no longer doing writing or editing or creating figures; I'm in the administrative weeds. 

In another sense, though, the penalty for procrastinating on my classes took a bit of an emotional toll on me later in the week.  I hate having emotions.  Especially negative ones.  So I was glad that on Saturday I could catch back up and even get a bit ahead on my classes and committee work.  Oooh, and I was a small part of getting two disagreeing committees to actually agree on something important for my College, and that felt really good. 

Turkey legs, Caribbean bananas, oyster crackers,
limes (to prevent scurvy), and briny pickles.
And, as I'm sure you're acutely aware, this year Talk Like a Pirate Day fell on Yom Kippur.  So our family postponed our piratical festivities by one day, but we and our guests still shivered our timbers with the best of them, if a bit belatedly. 

We added a few new Pirate jokes to the annual mix.  A favorite newcomer this year, totally appropriate given the coincidence of dates, was this one:

Q:  What did the Jewish Pirate say?

A:  Ahoy Vey!

We also had a bit more construction done on the house -- the room that has a leaky roof above it now has no ceiling.  The exposed beams and insulation, together with the dog hair and bunk bed, make that room look like every other Girl Scout cabin I attended.  Believe it or not, it's going to take a while to get a roofer to come fix the leak . . . so I get to have summer camp in my home for a while longer now.  I can live with that. 

What else?  N-son continues to volunteer 5 mornings a week at our local soup kitchen, and he's ending the week the way I began it: babysitting for my granddaughter A-child.  And I-daughter, after shedding her wench wardrobe, headed out for a weekend knitting getaway with friends. 

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in new adventures.  May your and yours be similarly prosperous. 

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