Saturday, September 8, 2018

Miser Family update, montage version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family household. 

C'mere, adorable little monkeys! 
My own week has been a fantastic montage of adventures: on Sunday I was in a boat in the rain forest, with "Titi" monkeys (marmosets) crawling up my arm to eat pieces of banana I'd placed there; on Monday I toured a presidential palace and then gave a talk to a few hundred teachers; on Tuesday I visited one of the three locks on the famous Panama canal and then gave my second talk for the general public.  On Wednesday, I saw the sun shoot up like a rocket in Panama, and then set down gently over the farm fields of Pennsylvania.  And then Thursday and Friday I was back in my office, teaching precalculus and calculus to my own students.  Saturday, I holed up with my dog Prewash to work on my book.

A boat as big as a football field glides
into the lock with just a foot or two
to spare on either side.  Wow.
On Friday, after I'd been back long enough to get my head straight again, I got a very welcome visit from K-daughter and A-child.   K-daughter has been impressing not only her own employers, it turns out, but also owners of other restaurants and bars.   She's got a lot of get-up-and-go! 

And A-child spent about a half-hour with me using the food processor to chop eggplants, peppers, and tomatoes.  It's good to train a 3-year-old to use loud, scary machinery, don't you think?   After about 20 minutes when she got brave enough to actually push the loud button herself, she turned to me and said, "You're a big help, Nana!".    True dat, sweetie.
It's all water above the lock. 
Not water under the bridge.

N-son and my husband did a bicycle race this weekend.   N-son is particularly proud that he rode the whole 28 miles, a distance that's fairly normal for some members of my family, but that gives him bragging rights in front of his more automobile-centric friends.  

In that same race, my husband came in 3rd place in the 61-65-year-old category.  He tells me that he didn't do better because he was a "victim of the young 61-year-olds", and is very much looking forward to next year when he moves up an age category.  So next year, he'll get to victimize 70-year-olds. 

Speaking of math . . . 
And what else?  J-son still loves his classes, and even likes the work he has to (gets to) do for them.  That's a change for him, and I'm so glad. Rumor has it he did a really solid job on "his first anatomy test on the skull".

In more somber news, we all send big hugs to L-daughter, who is mourning the passing of one of her former (and much beloved) foster dogs.  L-daughter has, by far, the biggest heart for pooches of any person I know on the planet. 

And that's the news from our family, that continues to be wealthy in our adventures.   May you and yours be similarly prosperous. 

Sunrise at the Panama City airport.

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