Saturday, July 8, 2017

Miser Family update, obstacles version

Life in the Miser Mom continues to be rich and full.

We have seen unusual obstacles this weekend.  For example, my husband (toodling around on a rented bike in Israel) had to brake for donkey.  Y'know.

And me, toodling around on my own bike, headed for the grocery store with the bike trailer behind me, had a wheel fall off the trailer.  Fortunately, my husband didn't careen into the donkey and its riders, and I was a on a quiet road with no cars, and could leave the trailer by the side of the road, returning later with a car.  The trailer has been fixed now, and is once again ready for further grocery service.

A-child had her own temporary excitement when she experimented with anatomy and put a black bean (dried) up her nose.  This created some tense moments, but the bean came out again.  We didn't eat it, in case you're wondering.

What else happened?  J-son spent the first part of the week with his birth mom.   He told me that they went to a concert featuring "Boyz II Men" and what he described as "a woman singer whose name I can't remember, from your time, mom".  This second singer turned out to be Paula Abdul.  In fact, she is beyond my time; I'm not cool enough to actually recognize any of her songs. How embarrassing. 

N-son had more fun with his summer school history class on the two days that he went (the fourth of July ate up the first two days of the week, and there's never summer school on Friday, apparently).  He got to go with K-daughter to her job at the Y, and volunteered in the child care center.  I love how my kids work together!

Finally, for those of you who remember X-son (a young man we unsuccessfully attempted to adopt from Haiti, and who we still help out a bit), he just let us know that he's passed his exams and moved on to the next grade.    Woo-hoo!  It's good to have nice news from far away places.

And that's the latest from the Miser Mom clan, a family that continues to be prosperous in our adventures. May you and yours be similarly wealthy.

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