Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth of July Dinner

It's good to get to go on a parade on the Fourth of July, and fortunately my neighborhood has an excellent parade for kids (announced via NextDoor. com, which is how I discovered the parade last year).

This year, N-son, K-daughter, A-child (she's getting too big to be called "Baby-A" any more), and Prewash joined me and the neighbors.

Later, I-daughter joined us for dinner, also dressed festively with a very, very desirable headdress.  That got co-opted by someone's niece.  

The menu included a rice/tex-mex flag that worked well last year, and worked even better this year since I'd made a note to self to keep the tex-mex really runny.  It made the rice taste really good!

At a yard sale last summer, I'd snagged star-shaped votive candles that I'd stowed away . . . 
. . . and also star shaped ice-cube trays, that I filled with homemade cherry juice I'd canned a year or so ago.  
And of course dessert was a flag-themed cheese cake.  Of course.

I mean, cheese cake.  Strawberries.  Blueberries.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, the fourth of July.   We all sang the Star-spangled banner, except A-child, who stared in amazement at the adults.  I also read the beginning and the end of the Declaration of Independence, omitting the indictment of specific crimes that it charged to old King George.  

And then, when the table was cleared (A-child loves clearing the table, by the way, because she loves giving the plates to Prewash, who loves pre-washing them), we worked on another yard sale find:  a map of the U.S.  

Especially right now, there's something satisfying about working to put our country together again.  Independence from tyranny is crucial, but there's something good to be said for struggling in the pursuit of Unity, too.  

(Oh, and someone put a small dinosaur on Alaska.  I promised I'd include that in the photo).  

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