Monday, June 15, 2015

Early summer days, cleaning house

One week into the boys' summer vacation, and life is surprisingly good.  I say "surprisingly" because  two or three weeks ago, one of the boys (I won't say which) had the kind of melt-down-headed-for-bad-trouble that caused our family to go into a nervous spin; that was what caused me to write my "Viktor Frankl Summer plans" post.  

Almost like a miracle of sorts, that son rebounded.  As in, not merely grudgingly avoiding trouble, but as in carefully finding new friends, checking in with parents more than he has to, generally trying to be the Most Trustworthy Kid Ever.

And so my first week home with the boys, even though it has kept me away from math, has been filled with a variety of sunny events, both literally and figuratively. In so many ways, we're getting rid of bad stuff in favor of new.

We've repotted the aloe that I've been meaning to repot for, I dunno, a year or two, and then started gifting them to friends who need aloes (whether the friends need them or not).

While N-son was off at a squash camp, J-son did lots of yard work, including the usual weeding and mulching, but also offering (because using a saw = fun) to take out this bush that I hate.   More space for edible plants in the garden now!

My own fun projects included dismantling old wooden radiator cover/cabinets that had cluttered up the basement for seventeen years.  

Of course, there was lots, lots more, including some serious garage cleaning.  The school year always acts like a dam to my home projects, piling them up behind that wall of busyness.  The summer releases the spigot and these projects spurt out and get taken care of so so quickly that it's hard to keep track of them.

At night, as the sun goes down, there's time to read those books I have stacked up by the side of my bed.

And of course, even though the dog isn't a long-delayed removal/improvement project, it's good to continue to cuddle up with someone we love.

Ahhhhhh, summer!

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