Monday, September 3, 2012

$136: reaching new lows

I've been keeping track of grocery spending for 24 weeks -- not quite consecutive weeks, though.  So it surprised me that it's possible at this point to reach a new low average:  $136/week, for 24 weeks.  It could go so low because this week for some reason, we spent only $16 at Market on dairy products and a tiny bit of kielbasa.  And that was that.  
Weekly grocery spending, for 24 weeks.

So the average was the lowest ever (since I've been keeping track).  Go figure.
Average weekly spending, in $/week.

I mentioned last week that I might want to buy kale or other dark leafy greens, but the freezer is full.  The canning jars are almost all in use.  I had had a few empty half-pint jars left, but they got put to service for storing pickled jalapeño peppers from our CSA.  So I'm not going to go buy kale anytime soon.  Probably.  We'll see.

136.  In binary, it's 10001000.  That's pretty cool.  If you line up 136 dollars the right way, you can't get a perfect square, but you can get a nice triangle.

No deep insights -- just sharing my surprise.  


  1. Your insights into numbers are so fascinating! Keep sharing, I love them.

    1. Hah! There's more where that came from (numbers, that is). --MM