Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A visit to Grandpa's house

I've mentioned my dad a few times before.  Yesterday, we went on a trip to see him, a mutual helping day.  Dad got to help me amuse my guys for a day; he taught us all how to use a pop riveter (cool!!!).  And we got to help my dad with some heavy lifting chores.

C-son and J-son did a small construction project . . .
 While N-son helped grandpa fix a latch on the RV.
All five us us worked together to remove an old, damaged canopy and put a new one on.  That was both hard work, and a lot of fun.
 Afterward, the boys got to "drive" the RV.
The boys helped my dad bring home lumber from the store.  Then the boys got up on the roof of dad's home to clean sky lights.  Afterward, Dad bragged quietly to me that at 76, he's still better at going up and down ladders than my teenage boys, and I believe him.  Me, I stayed on the ground. I'm not a ladder person.

The boys also got to help Dad fill up his bird feeders.

And then my dad made steak.  A rare treat (and the way my dad cooks, "rare" is the right word).  A good day, all around.

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