Monday, June 25, 2012

$145, and homemade bean bags

After Saturday's "Death and Destruction" post, our family had one of the most relaxing and pleasant weekends I've had in a long time.  Ahhh . . . some highlights:
  • For me, quiet time reading Michael Pollan's "In Defense of Food" and then Martin Cruz Smith's "Gorky Park".  It was nice to be completely absorbed in books again.
  • For J-son, visiting his former foster mom.
  • For N-son, a bit of biking, a bit of playing with friends, and a lot of watching car races on TV.
  • For C-son, learning to sew.  In fact, he got good enough that I showed him how to do the fancier stitches.  He played around on my sewing machine for much of the weekend, decorating and designing two bean bags that he very proudly presented to me:
for "DAD"
for "MOM"
He presented these to me warm, in fact.  These bean bags can go in the microwave, where we can heat them up to use as heating pads. These are my first gifts from my new son, and I'm going to treasure them.

We also got two evening visits from my husband, who got to come home briefly from his army training (to see his new bean bag, of course, and also his happy family).  Next weekend, he'll be home for real -- his three weeks of "summer camp" will be over.

Another small seeming-miracle: we got the boys' latest round of medications with no insurance hassle. Dropped off the prescription, picked up the meds, just like normal people.  Woo-hoo!

What we did not do very much of was grocery shop.  We spent a total of $32 (basically, dairy and coffee), so that the 17-week average is $145/week.

Average spending per week is leveling off now.

The actual week-to-week spending is erratic;
low lately because of past CSA, bulk meat purchases, 
and my husband's current quarantine at army camp

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