Saturday, April 7, 2012

What lies ahead this weekend

After a week of traveling, of getting a new child, and of doing my regular job, what lies ahead for me this weekend?  I mean, aside from writing a real blog post?

Well, as soon as I hit the "publish" button, I head out for a run with my friends, first time in a month that I've done a weekend friend run.  Two of us have had kids since we last ran; I hope for me, my fitness hasn't suffered.  Hah!

After that, some gardening.  The tomatoes are growing like gangbusters.

Melons, peppers, etc, are not so sure they want to join the party.

Outdoors, the oregano is taking off,

as is the parsley,

but the cabbage is feeling sluggish.  So to speak.
We'll get mulch delivered later today.  And mow the lawn, first time this year.
Here's some rising dough,

precursor to a pizza.

It was C-son's first installment in "cooking with kids".  For the rest of the week, some further meal planning is in order.

Finally, here is a picture of my assembled Easter Baskets:

As in, I haven't done this yet.  Other things have taken precedence.  I refuse to go shopping to buy plastic garbage for the children -- ye-gods, four of them.  This time last year, there were only two children.  I repeat:  no plastic purchases.  So we'll see what we can assemble from the good stuff that already exists in the home.  

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