Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter baskets:  success. They contained cashews, raisins, a single dollar coin, Spiderman pencils (so cool!!!), dried apples, and various vegetable seeds.  No chocolate bunnies, but a bit of candy.

The six-week average of grocery spending is $173.   I love graphs; here's our average spending since March 1.
Average grocery spending since March 1, for each of the previous six weeks.
Is 173 a good sign?  This particular value is, once again, a prime.  In fact, it is a Sophie Germaine prime (named after one of the most accomplished number theorists of the 1800's).  And it is the hypotenuse of a right triangle:  173^2 = 52^2 + 165^2.  So this feels, indeed, like a good sign.

Grocery spending this week (all on behalf of my husband) consisted of 10 pounds of butter, some milk, and some cheese, totaling about $34.  A modest amount after last week's spending spree.  In fact, my husband went to a store we Shall Not Name, and walked away empty-handed because the food there was surprisingly expensive, he says.  Here is the graph of our 6 weeks of grocery spending.  Oh, I love graphs!
Total grocery spending each week since March 1.
My husband is chomping at the bit to go out shopping again.  He wants eggs and chicken.  He is not sure which comes first. I am pointing to the food stored in our freezer.  Neither eggs nor chicken there, but lots of other good food -- shrimp gumbo, corn, beef, and sausage.  Squash.  Soups.  Lots still to eat before the summer harvest arrives.

Do you eat the food that's in your head, or the food that's in your refrigerator and on your shelves?  The food you think you want now, or the food that you thought you wanted way back then, back when you bought it?  That's the tension. 

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