Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Booting the budget

The irony of getting an email asking about used shoes right now . . . is that I bought new shoes this past weekend.

This summer, I forgot to search for snow boots for my sons.  I don't know how that slipped off my summer shopping list -- am I getting prematurely senile?  Saturday's early snow came, and the boys adventured out in their sneakers.  Both boys covered their feet in (first) socks, (second) plastic bags, and (third) shoes.  The plastic bags kept their socks dry; a temporary fix.  We all agreed this wasn't ideal.

Sunday morning I went "shopping" in the attic for their boots; that's when I discovered my oversight. Oh, drat drat drat.  I was so proud of getting all their clothes and shoes this summer for $30.  But I know they're going to need boots.  Can't wait until yard-sale season starts again.

We went to the so-called thrift store.  No boots at all there; other folks had beat me to it.

So we went to a retail store.  Curses.  I'd forgotten how many choices there are at a real store; that's both a blessing and a curse, really.  But we found boots that the boys fell in love with.  We checked to make sure the boots fit well.  I plunked down my $60 -- not all that bad, by normal standards, but it blows my clothing budget out of the water.

Or maybe, out of the snow.  Harrumph.

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