Monday, October 31, 2011

October Summary Advice

. . . and here's the October summary.

October 1 Make connections with friends and neighbors
October 3 Let your kids make their own mistakes.
October 4 Cook Zambian Squash for dinner.
October 5 Don't let stockpiling morph into clutter.
October 6 Try to give away 100 things (1 and 2).
October 7 Play the "left-over" lottery.
October 8 Waste money by feeding more kids.
October 10 Spend less on soap.
October 11 Wash your hands.
October 12 Use a plunger to unclog drains.
October 13 100 thing update (3 and 4).
October 14 Decorate kids' bedrooms with your own art.
October 15 Wait until next time, instead of impulse buying now.
October 17 Bring fruits and vegetables to fast-food restaurants.
October 18 A temporary appliance fix can buy time for a more permanent fix.
October 19 Reuse food in quiche or soup.
October 20 Donate blood.
October 21 Kids' actvities can be family unfriendly.
October 22 Make an earring holder.
October 24 Make a list of reasons to be disorganized.
October 25 Nip and tuck big pants.
October 26 Do preventative shopping to avoid expensive purchases.
October 27 People are more important than things.
October 28 Eat your food.
October 29
October 31
Pajamas and coats make great halloween costumes.
Buy used shoes, if you dare.

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