Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another mouth to feed . . .

A week ago (last Saturday), my husband, my two sons, and I met the child who is likely to become our 3rd son.  We drove out to Penn State, about 2-3 hours away, and met up at a restaurant.

(A plug for a great restaurant here:  as usual, I searched on the internet for "locally owned restaurant State College".  We settled on Mario and Luigi's.  The food was fantastic, and we fed 6 very hungry people for a little over $100.  How hungry were we?  My husband and I had done a half-marathon earlier in the day, so we were famished.  And my kids are not shy eaters, let me tell you!  We decimated three appetizers, three pizzas, and three more entrees.  The only normal eater was the social worker.)

Okay, so bringing in a new child into our household isn't exactly a great way to conserve our limited resources.  You could say we're going to make better use of the spaces in our home, I suppose.  This new boy is larger than both of the current sons, so we're not taking advantage of him as a way to use up the other boy's hand-me-downs, despite what one son suggests.

Bleah.  We're going to go ahead and waste scads of money on expanding the brood.  The new kid is still a bit dubious about what it means to be part of our clan (with good reason!), so we'll start moving slow.  We began with food at a public meeting place.  Next week, he'll come spend the weekend at our home.  We'll have a few more weekend visits, and then see about moving the kid in with us.

Aside from eating a lot, the other great moment came when my husband opened up his computer and started showing pictures of Black Hawk helicopters, hand-to-hand combat, and all those things that the peace-first parts of me avoids as much as possible.  Not so the boys.  They glommed on to my husband; if they'd had pads of paper and pencils, they would have taken notes.  Pretty soon I'm going to be vastly out-numbered, but at least I'll have my own corps of body guards.

Updates will follow as appropriate.

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