Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another idea for too-small clothes

My son came up with an ingenious plan -- one that he thought was blindingly obvious -- for using those too-small kid clothes.

His revelation came about when the boys were trying on a bunch of clothes given to us by a co-worker, whom I'll call D.   D is NOT (she emphatically told my husband) a Miser Mom.  No kidding.  The clothes were all very trendy, in great shape, and very new.  In fact, one t-shirt still had the price tag on it:  $75.  (Wow?  You mean someone would actually buy a $75 t-shirt for a kid and he never even wears it?  Okay, I'll pick myself up off the floor and resume the story).

My son asked why somebody would get rid of a shirt that nobody ever wore before, and my husband explained that D has just one kid, and he grew too big for the clothes before he could wear it.  My son had the obvious solution to the problem:
"She should just adopt another kid, like we did, and then HE can wear the shirt."
Somehow, I don't think that solution has occurred to D.  In fact, I'm pretty sure D wouldn't think it's quite as brilliant a solution as my son did.  But I pass the idea along to you, just in case you have a few too-small clothes that you're wondering what to do with.   Just sayin'.

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