Saturday, May 30, 2020

Miser Family update, beloved toy edition

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Family, which has been having a ball, and a stuffed animal, and . .  well, having a lot of our beloved toys.  Hence this week's Family Fun Foto.  

There seems to be an obvious dog theme happening here.  I'm not sure whether the dogs are toys, or the dogs have toys, or both.    L-daughter (the elder) has two dogs of her own and she also fosters dogs;  middle of this image is such a foster dog: "Here is Amelia with her favorite hedgehog."  But also, L-daughter (the younger), texted us:  "So I forgot and then tried to use my friends dog . . . Can pretend she's a stuffed animal".  I figure, since it's one of those tiny toy dogs, it counts!

Our former host-daughter Y also co-opted OPT (Other People's Toys):  "Does it count if it's my flatmate's stuffed narwhal?"  (Sure, we'll count OPT, especially when they smile happily along with you!)   A couple of us had toys that double as useful artifacts; my husband is putting an extra-small pair of jeans in for a tiny load of laundry (his mini-"machine" is sitting on top of the real one); D-son asserted that his "favorite 'toys' are his mixer and vacuum"; and L-daughter (the elder) told us, "My favorite toys are my workout equipment helping to keep me sane in the pandemic".  I can relate!

And some of the rest of us have traditional snuggly toys. And so I introduce to you Mr. Burp and Me-Bear, (the former so beloved by a young me and also by so many dogs that he lost his ears, his eyes, his lower jaw, and the growler in his tummy that had given him his name).  K-daughter has teddy bears given to her by her birth mom and her husband.  N-son has "Baby" (a tiger) and "Snakey" (guess).  I-daughter also brought her own Tiger (the original "Baby") to the Foto Fest.  And A-child . . . well, I'll let her mom describe this collection:   "A-chlid with all her favorites. Sad part is... Still probably missing 50 ponies 😂😭"

When we're not hanging out with toys, we have other ways of amusing ourselves.  My husband is now able to buckle his own seat belt again.  He had his bone density test on Friday, and we expect the results back in a week or two.  Since he can't jet about the world right now, he and N-son have been enjoying a set of Travel Documentaries in the Bourne series (Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, etc).  I've never been to Morocco or Moscow or Berlin myself, but I have to say, they seem like very exciting places to spend some time.

Me, I'm starting to paint gray walls yellow.  Our living room has a bunch of interesting corners and nooks, so I'm doing one small piece of wall at a time.  On these small wall-ettes, so to speak, it's really hard to use a roller brush, and I don't mind spending a bunch of my time painting, so I'm getting away with using no painter's tape, using small brushes near the edges and bigger brushes in the middle.  Less trash generated that way, which I know really matters to basically no one but me -- but it makes me happy.  So.

And that's the news from our family, which continues to be wealthy in our adventures.  May you and yours stay safe.

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