Saturday, August 26, 2017

Miser Family Update: last hurrah version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom household.

If there was a theme this past week, it was "make the most of the last week of summer".  My husband went to lots of cool chemistry events, both in DC and Philadelphia; he biked to Philadelphia; he celebrated his usual Tuesdays with Toomey protest; and he . . . (big deal coming here) . . . was on a conference call with Madeleine Albright.

K-daughter and A-child got to dress as super heroes one day at work (which is appropriate, I think, because there's a lot about raising a kid that takes the kind of super powers that K-daughter seems to be exhibiting daily). I love having them both around so much.

N-son did his own super helping thing (although not in costume), helping a family from our church clean out the home of a grandfather.  N-son got to drive a tractor as part of the helping, which was gob and gobs of fun.

When I bragged to J-son that I did 25 push-ups the other day (see how I'm now bragging to you about that?), he told me he did 50 push-ups as part of an interview at a different boxing gym, one that's closer to his host mom's house.  He is spending his last weekend before school with his former foster mom, who I know is *super* happy to spend time with him after all the changes he's been going through.

And me, I've been throwing myself in to the latest revision of the book my co-authors and I have been working on.  I've also been working on a speech for our college's Convocation.  I had a beautiful draft written, and mentioned to our President that it was 11 minutes long -- and that's when I heard that my speech needed to shorten itself down to 8 minutes.  So out came the scissors.  Sigh.  Most of my subsequent practice run-throughs have been 8 minutes and 11 seconds.  I figure I won't get fired for that extra 11 seconds, so I think the speech is good enough. I hope.

Classes start for many of us (me, J-son, N-son, and my husband) this upcoming week. We've had our last hurrahs and are ready to go.  

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