Saturday, July 15, 2017

Miser Family Update, emotion version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom household.

The big Woo-Hoo for the week was that after 5 or 6 weeks in which he visited 19 countries (14 of them via bicycle), my husband returned home today.  I think my favorite part of having him come home was seeing the faces of my normally monosyllabic, guarded teenage sons . . . these young men of mine were each radiant with happiness. I can only imagine my face reflected theirs.  It's good to have My Guy home.

And in the evocation-of-emotion theme, N-son played drums in church on Sunday morning, the same morning that I was in charge of reading the scripture.  I marched up to the pulpit and said, "I'm going to go off-topic briefly.  For all of you parents who suffer through noisy kids at home, it's such a blessing to have this child  making such wonderful music in public . . . "   I admit I got a little choked up, which is *totally* unlike me.  But seriously, he's so good at playing those drums as part of a group of other musicians.  How did that happen?

J-son has been playing to his own strengths, sparring with some big dude on Tuesday and hanging with a vast and changing collection of his friends on most evenings of this week. (Not to mention, lighting up like a lantern when he walked back into the house with a pair of friends and saw his dad here again).

For my dog-loving relatives, I'll just add that Prewash continues to be a complete joy to the family.  She's still battling a persistent case of giardia (icckkk . . . ), but behavior-wise, she's practically the perfect dog.  For example, 2-year-old A-child flops down on Prewash's head, or pulls toys out of her mouth, and the dog responds by wagging her tail and "tickling" A-child.  

As for me, I'm getting close to the end of a summer research project with one of my students; we managed to prove a pretty cool thing together by discovering the Lindemann–Weierstrass theorem, which says (among other things) that x and cos(x) can't both be algebraic unless x=0.  Life changing, that!

And that's the latest from the Miser Mom clan, a family that continues to be prosperous in our adventures. May you and yours be similarly wealthy.


  1. I've been reading 'Hidden Figures' and thinking of your love of math! Is it okay if I love something completely different? Like creating with fabric? Or symphonic music? 'Cause that higher math you love is a completely foreign language to me. Keep up the good work!

    1. I'm a big fan of loving things second-hand (that is, loving that someone else loves it, so I don't have to). Deep, emotional talks fits in that category for me -- hate 'em myself, but admire and respect the people who can do that well.