Saturday, June 24, 2017

Miser Family update, scattered version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom household.  

The week kicked off with the news that J-son won his fight last Saturday.  Whoop!  He spent much of the rest of the week relaxing as only a teenager can relax, until Friday when he helped set up the rings at another boxing event.  Early today, he left to spend a week with his former foster mom.  

N-son kicked off the week by entering, and working super hard in, a set of Father's Day bike races.  Later in the week, he and I volunteered with our church group at GAiN, which sends clothing, food, and more to refugees and disaster victims around the world. 

And speaking of around the world, my husband is still riding his bike --- plus many different kinds of trains --- across eastern Europe.  He's been through Prague, Warsaw, Auschwitz, Krakow, Ukraine (where he got dinner in a mason jar), and East Berlin; he's headed now for a meet-up with his former-army-buddy-turned-monk, Brother Cliff.

There's not much together-ish stuff we're doing as a family right now (what with my husband on the other side of the planet, and so on), but a medium-sized subset of us (N-son, K-daughter, and I) got to go together with some friends to our local theater's excellent production of "Newsies".  That was awesome.  

As a way of spending time together this weekend, Baby-A "helped" me plant corn.  I don't think it's likely to grow this late in the season, but it has a better chance if it's in the ground than if it's in an envelope in my closet.  So why not put stuff in dirt, and see if something green grows?

As for me, I'm bouncing between gardening (harvesting the kale I planted in spring), helping with GAiN, and having lots of fun with my math research.  My summer student has made some good progress, and we might actually have something publishable to write up before the project is over.  

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