Saturday, June 10, 2017

Miser Family update, high speed version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom household.
N-son with Baby-A, at his ROTC ceremony.

My husband is in Serbia as I write this (at least, I think he's still there).  He left our city on Wednesday.  He's had missed flights and missing bike parts, but he managed to get replacements for both.  So he is having exciting transportation adventures in a place with high-speed trains and without high-speed internet. I wrote to him that all I can see of his adventures is the short little emails he sends, plus whatever Mint tells me about his various credit card purchases.  It's a funny pair of peeks into his life!

N-son and others drilling for our amusement.

As for me, in addition to working on my book (I'm working on the index now, -- which feels so close to the end, even though I know there's much more to do!), I also called my state governor and urged him to join the United States Climate Alliance.  I'm trying not to be sad about the US pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. Sigh.  I mean, I'm definitely sad about that, but I'm trying not to let the sadness take over other parts of my life.  

N-son gets his certificate.
K-daughter continues to learn the butterfly; she's swimming with I-daughter (huzzah for sisters swimming together, just like my sisters and I did when we were still at home!).  I-daughter hit a high C in "Seasons of Love" at the concert she and N-son sang at tonight.  J-son has been enjoying hanging out with friends -- surprisingly, he appears to prefer their company to that of his mom.  (But. . . but . . . I have new tofu recipes to try out!  . . . Nope, friends still win out.)  N-son had his end-of-year ROTC ceremony, full of speeches, certificates (he got one "in recognition of Attendance, Good Conduct, and Longevity"), and marching drills.  He also gave a speech of his own at a Squash event, honoring the seniors who are graduating from his team.  

Prewash continues to be an awesome dog.  She has figured out how to go up and down stairs:  she used to cringe at the top of a flight of stairs like it was a cliff at the edge of the bottomless Pit of Doom, and looked at me when I went upstairs like I was Jesus or Elijah ascending into the clouds.  But now she barrels up and down stairs with all the other saints and devils who know the trick of ascending and descending.  I have high-speed internet and a high-speed dog.  Lucky me!

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