Friday, March 17, 2017

A tiny little no-trash post

Because of the snow storm that hit the East Coast, our city posted this little announcement earlier this week:
All [Local] Waste routes have been cancelled for Wednesday, March 15, 2017. [Local] Waste will accept double the normal volume of material on your next regularly scheduled collection day for Tuesday and Wednesday pickups.
So, our family put out a trash can in January, and we haven't yet filled our next trash can.  But because twice zero is still zero, we will indeed ask our trash haulers to take twice our normal volume of material next week.

I just think this is funny.


  1. I'm nowhere near as trash free as you, I put out one bag of trash every two weeks, and a larger bag and bin of recycling. Our (nasty) neighbors put out three or four large trash cans each week. I always think: How hard is it to reduce and recycle. But many just don't care.

    1. Yeah, or maybe they just don't realize that significantly reducing trash is an option.

      I mean, I know that SOME people don't care, but I've had many conversations with students where they said, "After you talked about this last semester at my club, I went back and my roommates and I cut way back on our trash." They just hadn't thought that it was even possible to say "no, thank you" to all sorts of trash that people try to give them, but once they realized they could decline the trash, they started refusing it. (So to speak).