Saturday, February 18, 2017

Miser Family update: Seuss, retreat, boxing, and campy movies

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom household.

As I mentioned in the previous post, on Thursday, two days after the rest of the nation celebrates the day, we had our annual Valentines' Special Dinner, with Red-bread Reubens, Strawberry-rhubarb pie, spinach and artichoke heart dip, and apple(of-my-eye)sauce.  

Earlier in the week, on Monday, I went for my last follow-up visit with my surgeon, who x-rayed my arm and watched how I can flex and straighten it, and then he pronounced:
"You can do anything you want!"
He sounds more like Dr. Seuss than a surgical doctor, but I'm going to try to take him at his word.

N-son is spending the weekend on a retreat with his church youth group.  He's really made friends with these teenagers, and he's getting ready to become a formal member of our church.  I'm really happy for him.
J-son has managed to lose about 10 pounds, and he's looking scrawny and tough.  By last night, he was only allowed to eat ice cubes . . . he's showing a LOT of determination.  He had a collegiate match this weekend, and he made weigh-in, but he lost his match today.  He has another weigh-in tomorrow for the Golden Gloves tournament, which will be in March.

My husband is continuing to stay involved in protests and politics, and he is also enjoying the literature classes he's auditing.  For one of the classes, his professor had him watch the movie A Knight's Tale, and my husband had me watch the first half with him until I finally decided there are limits to my love for that man, and anachronistic movies lie right at the border of those limits.  He finished the movie alone (happy ending, both for the movie characters and for me), and my guy wrote a lovely paper contrasting Queen's "We will rock you" with Medieval balladeers.  Fabulous.  

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