Saturday, February 25, 2017

Miser Family update, vicissitudes version

Life continues to be rich and full in the Miser Mom household.

In the "vicissitudes" category, J-son went for his Sunday weigh-in and weighed high.  He'd fasted last week to successfully achieve a low weight for his last Saturday match, but either the fasting or something else weakened him enough that he lost that match.  By Sunday, a day later, he'd gained four pounds, and so he no longer qualified for the upcoming Golden Glove competition.  He's responded by training harder than ever.  

Speaking of "vicissitudes", early in the week, my husband lost his wallet.  Gone.  Somewhat disconcerting was that he'd just refilled the cash, and had a few hundred dollars tucked away, but of course the credit cards and other pieces of plastic were even more tragic to lose.  Fortunately, my husband is married to a rather anal wife who makes her family photocopy the contents our wallets once each year, so replacing all the plastic parts turned out to be a single day's cuddle-up on the cell phone.  Even better, a lawyer found and returned the actual wallet to the police, so we'll be getting the cash back, too.

N-son is continuing happily with ROTC, with his after-school Squash program, and with drum lessons.  

And me?  I got to take a pair of students to a student math conference today, where they gave a bunch of talks and listened to other students' talks, and realized a bit about why I love going to math conferences. You can see that we were thinking hard about what we learned.

On Monday of this week, the boys had no school, so N-son captured my usual morning "commute" on camera.  When I walk the two-or-three blocks from my home to my office each morning, my husband accompanies me, holding the two loves of his life in either hand.  After we get to my office, he hops onto his second love and rides downhill back home.


  1. That is a sweet picture of you and your husband!

    1. Thanks -- I let N-son know that you appreciated his photography!