Saturday, November 5, 2016

Scrounging Pizza: a family update

Here's an update on the family this week.

Our family ate pizza for dinner on Thursday.  That doesn't sound like news, but it's a picture into what it's like to live in my home.  Every Thursday, my College has a giant lunchtime talk, and they serve pizza to the hundreds of people who show up.  Often, there's leftover pizza, and the servers have discovered that "Professor MiserMom" loves to scrounge/save the extra food.  So every once in a while, I get to bring a couple of boxes of pizza home.  

A few years ago, when the boys were in maximum-growth-mode, I'd bring home four boxes of pizza, and they'd all be gone long before bedtime (aka, "second dinner time").  But this week, I only brought home two boxes, and we ate only one pizza between the four of us at dinner . . . the boys are done with their growth spurts.  But I'm not done with my scrounging!

In other news . . . 
J-son travelled up to the Hamptons for a boxing match, one that didn't happen.  From there, he went to Philadelphia (amid the SEPTA strike), where he's spending a bit of time with his birth mom. 

N-son continues to enjoy ROTC (he's started signing his letters, "N-son Miserchild, Rank 4th Class Cadet").  He had me take several photos of him in his dress uniform and told me I needed to post this one here. 

My husband has been glued to FiveThirtyEight, when he's not out on his bike (the weather has been lovely for bike riding).  We're both very, very much looking forward to Tuesday, and thinking hopeful thoughts.

And me, I got page proofs from a paper I wrote and submitted and obsessed over last year; it's so wonderful seeing this baby finally about to come out in print!


  1. Aww so handsome & proud in his uniform.
    I wish my son asked to have his photo taken.
    Unobserved back views and side views are all I get.

    1. Thanks! My sons are occasional hams, when they're not totally embarrassed about the mere fact of having a mother. (Mo-ohhhm!)