Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Advent calendar, coming right up!

Tomorrow, we'll put up our annual advent calendar.  This is becoming a tradition in the house, one that my daughters (even the one who doesn't live here) looks forward to.   So, yay for traditions!

As usual, each day has an activity.  Some of the activities are things we'd have on a normal calendar (like theater tickets or our city's sing-along concert), some of them are pre-christmas tasks (like decorating the house and wrapping presents), and some of them are other weird family traditions (like our annual celebration of the anniversary of my husband's driver's license.)  And a few of them are head-scratchers that I stuck in there to fill up the calendar (bowling, anyone?)

I discovered a few years ago that if you put sticky notes on paper, you can send the paper through the printer again and print on top of the sticky notes.  I guess that some year, when I finally get through my stash of yellow mini-stickies, I ought to go out and buy Christmas-colored notes.  But for now, this works.   At any rate, now the kids take turns taking off one sticky note each day, to uncover this calendar day-by-day.

Here's this year's list of advent activities.
  1. Beauty and the Beast! at our performing arts theater
  2. marzipan makings
  3. get out X-mas clothes
  4. hang lights
  5. decorate tree
  6. St. Nicholas Day: give to charity
  7. bring in pine boughs
  8. put out Santa & statutes
  9. Make springerli cookies
  10. mail springerli cookies
  11. Christmas caroling
  12. Make Eggnog
  13. Pancake party at my college
  14. Bowling Night
  15. Make X-mas music together
  16. Sing-a-long Concert
  17. walk outside and see lights
  18. write our sponsored children (via World Vision)
  19. Driver's license dinner
  20. deliver Springerli to neighbors
  21. shortest day; candlelight dinner
  22. wrap presents
  23. take X-mas photos
  24. read Twas the night before Christmas
  25. Christmas Day!  Gingerbread & Eggnog

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