Sunday, October 9, 2016

Miser Family Update, October 2-8

Here's the quick update for this week.

The weather is starting to turn cooler, especially at night, and so my husband and I have gotten out the giant down comforter that we "inherited" from my mom (when she discovered she was allergic to the feathers). The weather is not so cold, though, that we've bothered to close up the house or turn on the heat -- and in fact, J-son, who sleeps on the (warmer) 2nd floor, still uses his fan at night.

Our family got to go to an event at my college -- a presentation/discussion featuring Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who described his most recent book, Writings On the Wall: Searching for a new equality. The event was held in our gym, with something like 2000 people present. He certainly is a person of great stature, in more ways than one! It truly was something amazing to be in a crowd that large who were all so happy to be together and who cheered in unison for this gentle giant and his quiet message of hope.

My husband visited with a trustee of his former place of employment; they didn't talk about work at all, but just about my guy's time in Iraq. Even though he maintains his connections to his old job, he really is retired!

I made applesauce from the apples that J-son had harvested from the trees in our front yard. I planted crocus bulbs and also bulbs of flowers that look like daffodils but start with the letter "N" (don't remember the name). I brought in the last of the watermelons from the garden, and also the first of the pumpkins. Who would have thought that watermelons and pumpkins could co-exist? A marvelous metaphor for us all.

J-son was up in Scranton even as I wrote this, at his most recent boxing match. He'd been training all summer for this, his fourth, match. How did he do? Late breaking news: he won the match! Photo of a very tired champ below. Somehow his lip got cut.

N-son sang with his sister I-daughter (and about 60 other choir members) in the Music For Everyone Chorus, which performed at the local Democratic Something-or-Other banquet. Go, Dems!


  1. Narcissi?

    The tiredness could be the letdown after an adrenaline surge---I imagine a boxing match really revs you up!

    1. Adrenaline surge, plus staying up *really* late. He has to travel incredibly far for these matches, and only got home at around 4 a.m. (!)