Saturday, October 22, 2016

Miser Family update, pumpkin version

Here's the latest family update.

The highlight of the week for the family was pumpkin carving.  This year, a large patch of small pumpkins took over our back yard.

Earlier today, N-son and I went out to pick them and bring them into the house.

About once a week, we have what we call "Family Fun Night", often with I-daughter and K-daughter returning to the home to join in.  This week, we made faces (pumpkin faces, that is).  My granddaughter Baby-A loved playing with the pumpkin brains and then replacing the pumpkin skull cap back onto the cranium, over and over and over again.  

Why wasn't J-son at the family pumpkin surgery festival?  Well, J-son made friends with connections; he's spending the weekend hiking and kayaking with them in the Poconos.  And my husband got to do more than he'd planned of his favorite activity: he rode his bike to Philly, and then, because a flat tire on the car (not on the bike!) prevented me from joining him there, he rode his bike and the train back home.  It was a long ride!

As for me, I gave back calculus exams this week.  I actually liked taking tests when I was in college, because I had a chance to do well.  But as a professor, it's always the case that half of my students do below average, so I really dread giving back those exams. Sigh. Fortunately, the first exam is now behind us, and we're moving on to the part of the semester that my students feel most comfortable with, so we've got another few weeks of fun stuff before the next midterm rears its ugly pumpkin head at us.  

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