Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall chores keep falling on my head, la la la

Here are some random autumn thoughts, to go with the random autumn chores that come along with the thoughts.

 The apple tree in front of our house is heavy with apples.  It's calling to me, reminding me to set aside a weekend for canning applesauce.  That weekend ain't gonna be real soon (we've got a birthday coming up this weekend), but the tree is reminding me I can't wait too long.  Gotta clear out space in the calendar, not to mention the kitchen.

A second sign of fall: the leaf tarps and the rakes have come out of the garage.  Huzzah for dirty old tarps that we can rake leaves onto, and then drag to where we dump the leaves for pick-up!  It's much easier raking a few leaves onto a nearby tarp, which we can slide across the grass, than raking a lawn-full of leaves all the way across the yard!

And the tomato plants in the back garden are starting to wither up, with the last few tomatoes trying valiantly (and mostly unsuccessfully) to turn red.  Time for green tomato chutney, I think!

But I realized as I was pulling my tomato cages out of the ground, that other people might be doing the same, so that now would be a perfect time to go "shopping" for additional tomato cages.  I shot a quick query out to Freecycle, and sure enough, I snagged a half-dozen cages from a neighbor about 2 miles from my home. I biked on over there and brought them home, and they'll be ready and waiting for me and my canning-jar-started tomato seedlings next May.

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