Monday, August 1, 2016

The best job in the world (Miser Dog edition)

It is possible that the best job in the whole wide world is cleaning dishes.

Especially if you are a dog.
Thanks to our host daughter, Y, for capturing this photo
while our back was turned.

And also if your owners bring back 150-ish plates from a church lunch where roast beef sandwiches were served.  Not to mention, chocolate cake and potato salad.  (Yes, mixing all these together is just fine, says Miser Dog.)

And the job gets even more fulfilling (so to speak) if there are so many dishes that your owners don't notice when you drag many of them into the living room.  

Although if you actually want the plates clean clean (as in, washed with soap and water), and not just licked clean, you picky person you, then it's good to hand the last few details off to your minions.  Here's all those plates cleaned, dried, and stored in buckets.

I'm so happy I got all these plates for our church.  They're getting used a lot, and people at church really like them. In fact, these recently-cleaned dishes will see use again later this week at a wedding rehearsal dinner.  Lovely!

Miser Dog hopes that the rehearsal dinner has meat sandwiches with meat gravy and a meat salad.  Oh, and a chocolate meat cake (but maybe without the chocolate, since that's bad for dogs).   He's ready to help clean up, whenever he's needed!

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