Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kids who are getting bigger

One last vacation story . . .

On the long drive back from the family vacation, we stopped in a midwestern city to have dinner with my best friend from my elementary/high school days.  The timing of the trip worked out perfectly for this!  Yay, perfect timing!

Also, yay for best friends from long ago, and the chance to catch up with each other!  And yay for a home-cooked dinner on a long drive!

My friend has two kids, and of these two, Sam is very close in age to my own sons.  They've met once or twice before -- in fact, the boys got to play together a few years ago.  So N-son remembered Sam and was looking forward to seeing him again.

And when we did meet up, N-son took me aside and said in an awed voice, "Mom, Sam has gotten a lot bigger since we last saw him!"

N-son thinks it's funny to wear his regular glasses
and his sunglasses at the same time.  

Um, yeah, N-son; Sam isn't the only teenage boy who's gotten a lot bigger these last few years!


  1. Your annual vacations sound like so much fun! And it's astounding how much kids grow and change in a year, isn't it? We see one part of my family once a year and the last time we saw them, JuggerBaby wasn't walking yet. Now ze is all over the place, walking, running, and climbing. I hope ze recognizes this branch of the family.

    1. Yeah, and when you do the family vacations long enough, you make cross-generational connections. Like, the last time we were in this area of New Mexico was about thirty years ago, meaning my sisters and I are all now the age that my mom was on that last vacation. There are a lot of ways we're like she was then, and it's fun to compare (and it's a bit comforting, given that she passed away from icky things about 8 years ago, that we're in better shape than she was, athletic-wise. Of course, that could be false comfort. But we're glad to be running up the same hills she hiked up with effort and help back then).