Friday, July 8, 2016

In(ter)dependence Week

Independence Day, Shmindependence Day.   I know that July 4 is the day that the U.S. declared itself separate from England, but it's not a day about "independence".  We don't celebrate it by going and sitting in our own little rooms all by ourselves, do we?  No! We celebrate it by getting together with other people, sharing experiences communally.

So happy Interdependence Week, everyone!  Here's a few photos from my own fun gatherings.

Last Saturday, my running buddies and I kicked off the weekend with a "Red, White, and Blue (and all other colors) Run".

On July 4th proper, my neighborhood hosted a parade, starting with a gathering of the next generation,
and rolling over into a 3/4 mile traverse of the neighborhood
with an amazing variety of scooters, bicycles,
wheel chairs, roller blades, strollers,

and even paws.

And then, but of course, later this week we had to have a Special Dinner with our family plus a student of mine.  My host daughter Y was out of town, and J-son was off at boxing practice, but the rest of us dressed for the occasion.  (My husband was taking the photo; he came to the dinner, too).
Love the red-white-blue leggings on Baby A!
For the main dish, I started by making rows of white rice,
filled in between the rows with Tex-Mex, plus a square of blue corn chips.  

(I made enough for two of these flags, so we have lots of leftovers.  It looks like we'll be having Stars and Stripes forever!)

Dessert was the ever-popular (as in, "Please mom, make it!") cheese cake:
with strawberry stripes and blueberry stars.

Although serious tip-of-the-hat to nine-year-old Olivia, who heard about our upcoming dinner and made the following cake for her own family!  Way to go, Olivia!

And afterwards, we put together a puzzle I'd snagged at a yard sale for a quarter.

When we put this puzzle together, what do we have? Do we have the Independent States of America?  No, we have the United States!

It's good to spend time with others around us, and to remind ourselves of just how fortunate we are to be part of this larger, wonderful country.

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