Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A reason to look forward to a colonoscopy

Spoiler alert: Ice Cream!

When people try to encourage other people of a certain age to get colonoscopies, they either do it by minimizing the negative ("It's not that bad, really!") or by offering the dubious hope ("You'll find out whether you have a dread disease early!").

But here, I'd like to offer you a reason to have a colonoscopy that would make any 7-year-old beg to be allowed to get one, too.

Ice Cream.

Because, the day before the fun procedure, you're supposed to consume only "full and clear liquids".  And it turns out that "full liquids" include things you might expect such as vegetable broth, chicken broth,  and milk, but also things that might surprise you, such as Ice Cream!!!!!

Yes, that's right. It's possible to fulfill that childhood dream of having a day of eating only ice cream, and do that self-righteously because it's good for you.

If I'd known that long ago, I would have had yet another reason to look forward to my 50th birthday.

 And that's all I'm going to say.  Well, that and . . . it's not that bad.  And I found out that I had two minor polyps that my doctor removed.  But really, the day before makes it all worthwhile.  I'm sort of sad that I don't have an excuse to do this again for another ten years.


  1. Lucky that you are allowed ice cream! I'm having a colonoscopy soon (yes, at a young age; thanks, family history). My directions specify "no milk products" quite clearly. But I can have popsicles, which I love, as long as I avoid red ones. And all the broth I want, and some apple juice to boot.

    1. My friend said that her instructions (like yours) said 'no dairy'. I guess I totally lucked out on mine: 'Milkshakes', 'yogurt', and 'plain ice cream' were clearly listed as acceptable for me!

  2. Also, glad to hear yours went well. I hope it continues to be smooth sailing for you!