Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Random bucket thoughts

My good friend dropped off two buckets of horse manure at my front door while I was out.  (Who'd have thought I'd ever write a sentence like that?  She lives near a horse owner who offers to fill buckets for people who need compost enrichment.  I'm really lucky to have friends with neighbors like that!)

Speaking of buckets, I think I want a canvas water bucket.  I have no idea what I'd do with one, but now that I know that such at thing exists, I am just sort of obsessing about it.

And my husband's military career finally "kicked the bucket" (that is, he mustered out).  His end of service coincided with a giant Aviation Ball at which many soldiers got awards of various kinds, and I got one, too:  a "Certificate of Appreciation", apparently given to every spouse who hasn't gotten divorced by the time the soldier leaves the army.

And finally, I got this in the mail, which just goes to show that targeted marketing goes only so far:
Because I have no problem getting my annual check-ups, but if they came with massages, make-up sessions, and "retail therapy", I'd consider skipping doctor visits!  I'm not sure how this fits in the bucket theme, but I think it's very funny.

And speaking of funny and buckets, here's one of my favorite clean limericks:

There was an old man from Nantucket
who hid all his cash in a bucket.
His daughter, named Nan,
ran away with a man,
and as for the bucket, Nan tuck it.

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