Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Love/Hate the computer when it crashes

I worry about spending too much time on my computer.  So when my computer crashed, it was sort of a bit of a blessing.

Sort of.  I sent my computer into the tech-sters at my college, who shook their head. They were glad I'd regularly backed up my computer, as was I (in my grad school computer lab, there was a poster on the wall saying, "Jesus saves!  And then he makes back ups!").

For two days, without my computer, I did . . . um . . . I did noncomputer stuff.  I read through the pile o'books that's been sitting by my bed stand for three weeks.  I cleaned a bunch of stuff in my sewing/bill-paying room.  I read some more.  I visited my computer in the sick room, and tsked over it, and then I read some more.  It was sort of a good detox, not that I'd recommend a computer crash for fun and relaxation as a general principle.

Even now that my computer is back, I have been at sixes and sevens over it.  Documents have gotten lost, moved.  Reinstalling the hard-drive meant getting rid of math-specific programs like Geogebra and TexShop, which were easy or else hard to reinstall, for reasons completely mystifying to me.

Worse, I seem to have lost lots and lots of pictures.  When I wrote to the tech guy about my images disappearing from folders like it's the rapture and the images files been raised to heaven without the rest of the world, he wrote back,
CrashPlan does not back up images (like jpgs), so none of those would have been saved there. I pulled over everything that I could from the hard drive and backed it up. 
Wait, what!?!?  Every single one of my photos has been lost?  All the family photos I've spent this year scanning?  All of the math images I've spent this year creating?  Gone?  And no-one even told me that CrashPlan just happens to back up everything except jpgs?

Consider this a public service announcement: Crash Plan won't save your jpg images -- not the photos from your phone, not the jpgs that you got permission to download from museum websites, not any of them.  Sigh.

I'm going to get back to trying to recreate the photos somehow . . . I hope.  But at least you know now why I've been missing from the blogosphere this past week.  Sigh again.

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