Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Squirt bottle -- from plastic to glass

For years now, I've used a tip I read about long ago in the terrific Tightwad Gazette:  a teaspoon or so of dish soap and a bunch of water, mixed together in a squirt bottle, make for quick clean-ups of the random pot or sink mess.  I re-purposed an squirt bottle that came, I think, from some bathroom cleaner.  Not elegant, but serviceable.

For years, I've sort of had it in the back of my mind that it'd be nice to have a squirt bottle not made of plastic, but of course I never let the thought get to the point where I'd actually go out and pay MONEY for something like that.  Because.  Well, because something else always seems to come along.

And then my plastic bottle cracked, meaning that now it was both not elegant AND not serviceable.  Would I finally be tempted to go to the store?

Well, yes, I would be tempted.  For about 8 seconds, I was tempted.  And then I thought . . . the heck?  What if---by some miracle---one of the glass bottles already on my shelf just happens to match the screw-lid-part of the squeeze bottle?  If that worked, I'd be set!

So I started looking to cannibalize bottles: Worcestershire sauce.  Rice vinegar.  Hot sauce.  I tested these to see if there was a match between food bottle and bathroom cleaner bottle (size wise, not content-wise, of course).  And when I got to Soy Sauce, I struck oil (so to speak).  Voila my new glass spray bottle, with a plastic squirt attachment.

(Note: instead of trying the squirt attachment on all those glass bottles, it's a lot easier and more sanitary to try the *lids* of those glass bottles on the old broken plastic bottle *bottom*.  Don't ask me how long it took me to realize that).

Also, we happened to have several opened bottles of soy sauce, so combining these into one bottle and cannibalizing the remaining bottle turned out to reduce cupboard clutter.  Bonus points!

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