Saturday, April 16, 2016


Well, Happy Tax Day, one and all!  (Is it happy for you?  In our family, we'll celebrate anything, even filling out forms.  After all, filling out forms is how we got most of our kids, so even tax season is sort of sexy to us, in its own way.)

As usual, we celebrated with a special dinner.  You know how in art class, long ago, you learned how to transfer a little comic panel to a poster-sized picture by using grids?  Well, I put my applied art knowledge to good use for this dinner.  First I covered the table with newspaper, so the permanent marker wouldn't stain it.  (Although I missed a spot -- dang).
Then I covered the table with a fitted green sheet and drew a . . . dollar . . . on it.  Well, sort of a dollar.

I had fun with adding little details.   Like where the US dollar has the signature of the treasurer and a serial number, my tablecloth has a signature of the "treasurer and exhorter", plus a familiar number.

And where the US dollar says, "this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private", our table cloth says,  "this meal is pretty yummy for all diners, public and private".

We decorated the table with money (chocolate coins, coins from around the world, and dearly-remembered Mommy Dollars).

Ooh, and I found some money-themed fabric and made napkins: here they are, stacked between our green plates.

And of course the meal featured sausage coins and bringin'-home-the-bacon (both from one of our favorite stands at Market, the Turkey Lady):

Plus pretzel dollars, and one pretzel cents for the grandchild, and also lettuce.

And N-son put himself in charge of this dish, which he named himself:  the quesadollars.

So happy Tax Day, one and all!


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    1. Yes, these are a lot of fun! I was really glad that N-son volunteered to help with the meal; working side-by-side with him was some good mom-son time.