Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What she bought: candy, baking supplies, and tradition

A friend of mine asked me, ". . . but . . . you must go shopping sometimes; you must buy some stuff, right?" And so I figured it might be fun to start documenting actual purchases I make.
Here's the reason for last week's big shopping trip.  Just before Christmas, I realized that I hadn't actually saved up a bunch of hard candy from the previous year.  So my husband and I had a "date", going to the grocery store together, spending a whopping $30.61.  Y'know, if you've got to go to the grocery store in the rain, it's nice to hold hands with a good-looking guy while you do it.

Not pictured here are the eggs ($4.19 for 18 of them) or flour ($2.29).  The remainder of  the money was all completely unhealthy junk:  frosting and candy. It's hard to buy candy without trash attached.  M&Ms are possible from the bulk aisle, but candy canes and smarties?  Haven't figured those out yet.

Why did I need so much candy? Because we are in our second of year of moving gingerbread, eggnog, and cider into the center spotlight of our family Christmas gathering (and thereby gently sliding present exchanges off to a more minor side show).

. . . seven ice-ers icing, six geeks a-playing,
five cooo-old drinks . . . la la la . . .

This year, instead of building houses, we decorated cookies.  Decorating is even more fun than eating:  see how deeply N-son is concentrating?

L-daughter made smiley faces (near plate below).  K-daughter managed to make vertical monstrous master-pieces by stacking candy high-high-high like legos and by planting candy cane forests in a glade of gingerbread soil (far plate).

I-daughter went for variety.

J-son created his own masterpieces, too; but Baby A, my granddaughter, decided she was really into deconstructionism.

And now we still have lots of eggs and flour left that we can use for dinner and breakfast, and we even have a few jars of candy remaining that will be ready and waiting for Christmas 2016.  So that's a shopping trip I won't have to make.   Phew.

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