Friday, November 6, 2015

A monster ate my friend!!!

A sleeping-bag monster ate my friend.

And it ate her child, too!

The friend/colleague I'm staying with happens to be a fabulous artist in her spare time (whatever "spare time" means to a mathematician and parent).  I love the way she's made crawl-into-me spaces for her kid all over the house.  The monster sleeping bag is just one of these great creative spaces.  There's also a fabulous cardboard box store/house/building, with windows, a door, a paper-shingled roof, and lots of room for coloring on.
 And in the bedroom, there's a club house built from tomato trellises and fabric, with room enough for a grown-up to tuck in alongside the child for tea and for those Very Important Construction Projects.

Don't you just want to crawl inside, too?

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