Saturday, September 19, 2015

Unrequited (puppy) love

I got to babysit my granddaughter this week (yay!).   She's only 6 months old right now, but she's already practicing for those teenage years.  That is, she's developed a crush on someone older than her who kisses her . . .

 . . . and then ignores her.  

He won't call her, and he doesn't seem to come when she's looking for him.

Poor kid.  Hope she learns her lesson:  don't date a dog.


  1. Aww, Miser Dog (I want it to be alliterated so badly! Miser Mutt!) and baby girl! I have my own photos of my now-9.5 month old daughter interacting with our discount doggy. (We got him on a half price Wednesday at the shelter.). Now that she's crawling everywhere and cruising a little bit, he really doesn't know what to do with her. We are trying to preserve his personal space by keeping his beds and crate strictly off limits to her. She may not even touch the beds. I really hope he'll relax around her when he realizes he has safe places to retreat to.

    1. Hah! I don't know why I didn't think of "Miser Mutt" myself! But with a name like "Tangerine Viking", I know I've got a pro weighing in!

      Good luck with personal dog space. Most of the dogs I have had have been great with kiddos -- even the current one will deliberately choose to lie down near the baby, just where she can't grab him. But I've had one or two that have been twitchy near kids, and that's always been hard. A lot of training -- both of kids and of dogs -- and a lot of vigilance.