Thursday, August 13, 2015

Relation-ships and relation-scooters (and relation-sand, too).

Here are some snapshots from a not-entirely-frugal family vacation.  There's some spending of money going on, with the story that this is expected to save money.

My nephew tells me he's bought a $3000 scooter to get him to and from grad school.  He expects this will save reams of money on parking fees (which costs $80/month); it will also save on gas.  Perhaps he'll even be able to recoup some of the purchase price by selling the scooter once grad school is done; he purposefully bought a locally-popular brand instead of the more economical version, because of an eye toward reselling.

My sister made an even more unusual purchase.  She lives on the edge of a lake and is a master swimmer; there are a lot of ways she prefers water to land.  So before we came to Tahoe she researched boat rides.  What she came up with was an outfit that charges $250/hour, with a minimum rental of four hours.  Not wanting to spend $1000+, but really wanting some boat time, she purchase a $150 inflatable boat from Amazon and had it shipped here.

Here we are at the edge of Lake Tahoe, getting ready to put a bit of muscle into blowing up the boat.

Behold the Excursion, now a sea-worthy vessel!

Here, N-son demonstrates that my sister also purchased a family-pack of life jackets.

And here are the hearty sea-farers, setting out on the maiden voyage.  Once they get to deep enough waters, the waders will become rowers.  The boat provided hours of fun.

But of course there are other ways to have fun at the beach, even without purchasing a boat.   Hurrah for sand holes and sand castles!

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