Thursday, July 16, 2015

Next-Gen Canning Ring Uses

With many thanks to Penn, I bring you this late-breaking and new (to me) use for canning jars rings!

Here, you see K-daughter introducing a wide-mouth ring to my granddaughter, Baby A:

What does Baby A think about these things?  She thinks . . . 
. . . they're great!  Easy for a 3.5-month-old to grab and wave around!  Shiny!

Baby A loves them so much, she doesn't want to share.  
No, not even with her buddy, Miser Dog.

Quick riddle for you:  Why is a canning ring like a key ring?

Answer: Because they both go in your mouth, silly!


  1. Awesome! Truly a most flexible item in use.

    1. And thanks again for the suggestion! There is glee all around the house now . . .