Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dog food cans.

Just as I was getting ready to put a graceful end to this whole Canning Jar Fetish theme and move along, people, THIS happened.  My boys and I spent the day helping my dad clean out his old home, and he loaded us down with stuff for our home, including 6 cans of dog food.

Miser Dog seldom gets canned dog food, so we're mixing in half-a-can at a time with his dry dog food, spacing the pleasure out.  And when you have a half-full can of dog food that you're saving for later, how do you cover it up so that it doesn't stink up the refrigerator?

Out of canning jar habit, I reached for a large lid and ring.  And behold.

Oh, this is too funny.  The lid/ring combo is a perfect fit.

(This must mean that if you buy one of those snap-on-lids to go on top of pet food containers, it fits on canning jars, too?  I don't know if it would work in that direction.)

Hardly earth shaking -- but just too funny a coincidence for me to not share!


  1. You may want to use Pedigree canned "food" for flavor or scent, but note the feeding guidance on the can's label. "½ to 1 can/day per 10 lbs of adult dog". We have a 135 lb mastiff, and 13 cans per day would be absurd. She maintains her weight on 4-5 cups of premium kibble per day.

    1. Oh, that's a hoot! I didn't read the label -- and I agree that that's a heck of a lot of food for a dog. (Now, if my dog ate like my teenage boys do, that might be another thing . . . ).

      But yes, our use of canned dog food is for flavor only, and the flavor is much, much appreciated by the dog, even when we just use a bit of it! -MM

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