Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Well, now I can cross "make penguins" off my to-do list

If you happen to have a pair of nieces who both like penguins, and if you also have a bunch of fake fur lying around that you want to make use of before you donate the rest, . . . oh, and if you also happen to want to make lunch bags that can hold quart-sized canning jars . . . well, then this is the post for you.

Here's how to make a Penguin Canning Jar Bag.  First, search the web and find some penguin pictures.  Sketch a design (don't forget the beak, wings, and feet).

Here's the beginning of one head.  Penguins seem to have a white patch around their eyes, with black separating the white.  This is going to be a cylinder -- think of it as a furry penguin-colored headband in the making.

Some animals look cute with really big eyes.  I pulled out my button stash to do some experimenting, and I decided the large buttons would make my penguins look stoned.  So I chose small black buttons for eyes instead.

Here's the beginning of a body, basically a white-and-black cylinder with wings.  I guesstimated the white:black ratio as about 1:2.

In all the pictures I saw, penguins had orange beaks and feet.  Alas, my cache of fake fur didn't contain orange.  I seriously toyed with the idea of green feet and beak, but then I wimped out and went for the pink instead.

Add tops and bottoms to your cylinders, stitch a liner to go inside, throw in some straps, and what do you have?  Penguin bags!  Adorable!

And they hold canning jars!

And if you pick them up by the straps, the penguins lift their wings!

Too much fun.


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    1. Thanks! There's nothing like fuzziness and little beady eyes for that "awwww" factor, is there? -MM