Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things-to-love-Thursday: the (velcro) ties that bind . . .

It's very, very seldom that I go out of my way to buy something that's made of plastic.  This post shows one of those exceptions (or, more correctly, many of those exceptions): velcro cord ties.
This is 100 velcro ties: 50 new ones for me,
and 50 as a gift for someone I know who likes home organization stuff.

Velcro ties are double-sided strips of velcro with a hole in one end and thin snout at the other end.  The short ones (5" or so) you sometimes find in grocery stores are too short for my taste; I try to find the ones that are at least 7" long.  There are cute little multi-colored versions, but I found these (50 ties for a bit less than $5) at our local hardware store, and I decided that black is beautiful, too.

And yes, for me spending $5 on a package of non-essential plastic stuff is a bit of a guilty splurge.

Here's why I love these ties.  You start with a messy mess of tangly mess that everyone keeps tripping over and tangling up.

Then you strap one of these velcro ties to the cord.  (There's a hole at one end of tie, and you thread the other end through that hole, so the velcro tie doesn't come off accidentally)

Then you coil up the cord, as much or as little as you like, and wrap the free end around the cord.  And . . . beautiful.  Easy to store in a drawer without tangling; easy to leave on the floor without tripping, easy to pack in a suitcase for traveling . . .
Voila!  No more messy mess of tangled mess!

These aren't world-changing.  But I like them.  I like them enough to actually buy them.  True story.

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