Monday, March 30, 2015

What to (not) get Miser Mom for her Birthday

I had a great birthday this past weekend.  I got to drive to a fabulous math meeting; I got my grading done in record time (whoop); K-daughter went into labor, so even as I write this, my granddaughter is on the way (whoop-to-the-whoop!).  Ooh, and I heard that one of my papers is going to get folded into a "best math papers of the year" volume put out by a Prestigious Press.  Oh, and my tomato seeds are sprouting.

With all this excitement-o-rama to keep me occupied, it's not like I need extra commercial/consumer stimulation.  So I was very happy that nobody bought me this purse.  My husband was the one who pointed it out to me -- it comes from some fancy maker (Dooney Bourke?) and it has the IronMan logo, not to mention a several-hundred dollar price tag, and he's been getting email ads for it ever since we finished our race in August.  I look at those weeny little handles for carrying it, and I can't imagine lugging it around.  I'm happy to leave that bag to others and stick with my own home-made bag, which has shoulder straps and actually carries the kinds of things that I need.  

Similarly, the billboards that advertise tanning salons are popping up like crocuses all around our highways.  To me, there could be almost no greater torture than paying piles of money for an experience that would force me to be inactive for long periods of time while endangering my health.  So I'm glad that that's another present I didn't receive.  Whew!  Am I lucky, or what?

No one gave me jewelry, and since last year I went to a lot of effort to carefully give all of my existing stash away, I was very glad to get no more.

I did receive two sets of very thoughtful presents.  My daughter got me a pile o chocolates.  (yum yum yum).  

And my husband, after some not very subtle hinting from me, was glad to get the chance to drop some money on a gift I've been sort of obsessing about ever since I saw it on nicoleandmaggies blog in November.  (So it's a present from the blogosphere, as well -- thanks, n-and-m!)  As a present from my husband, I now have a pair of Maped metal pencil sharpeners.  And boy, are they nice.  Srsly.  Worth the wait.  
They're nice enough that someday, I might pass them along to my granddaughter, now that I'm going to have one.  

Life is good.

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  1. Congratulations on all of the above (including the pencil sharpener)!